Executive Board

The RMACAC Executive Board's primary purpose is to provide general direction and policies for RMACAC. The members of the Board include:

Executive Assistant
Committee Chairs

All active RMACAC members may be considered for an elected Executive Board position. Any member in good standing may self-nominate or nominate another RMACAC members for consideration by the nominating committee. 

2022-2023 Executive Board


     President | NACAC Delegate

     Alex Nuñez
     Assistant Director, Recruitment and Admission
     W. A. Franke Honors College, University of Arizona
     Tucson, Arizona

     Term: 20222023

     President-Elect | NACAC Delegate
     Frank Laro

     Associate Director of Admission
     University of Denver
     Denver, Colorado

     Term: 2022–2023

     Past President | Chief NACAC Delegate
     Dr. Jill Corbin

     Certified Educational Planner
     The Good Doctor
     Denver, Colorado

     Term: 20212023


     Secretary | New Mexico NACAC Delegate

     Cindy Black
     School Counselor
     Los Alamos High School
     Los Alamos, New Mexico

     Term: 20212024



     Jon Mires
     Director of Regional Recruitment
     Hastings College (NE)
     Based in Longmont, Colorado

     Term: 2021–2023



     Sara Strickland
     College Counselor
     Judge Memorial High School
     Salt Lake City, UT

     Term: 2022–2023

Executive Assistant

     Julie Kutsner

Committee Chairs

     Admission Practices Chair | Utah NACAC Delegate

     Erica Johnson
     Vice President for Enrollment Management Admissions
     Westminster College
     Salt Lake City, Utah

     Term: 2021–2024



     Advancement Chair

     Abby Tudor
     Assistant Director
     University of Northern Arizona
     Phoenix, Arizona

     Term: 2019–2023



     College Fair Chair

     Bryan Pisetsky
     College & Career Counselor
     Marana High School
     Tucson, Arizona

     Term: 2020–2023




     Communication Chair

     Kylie Rigdon
     Regional Admissions Representative
     University of Tennessee, Knoxville
     Based in Denver, Colorado

     Term: 2021–2024




     Government Relations Chair

     Stephanie Brazinsky
     High School Counselor
     Denver South High School
     Denver, Colorado

     Term: 2021–2024




     IDEA Chair

     Quincey "Q" Otuafi
     Director of Admissions
     Westminster College
     Salt Lake City, UT

     Term: 2022–2023




     Membership Chair

     Katherine Sarbacker
     College Counselor
     Glendale Preparatory Academy
     Phoenix, Arizona

     Term: 2020–2023




     Mentorship Chair | Colorado NACAC Delegate

     Julie Fleming
     Dean of Career and College Success
     Vista Ridge High School
     Colorado Springs, Colorado

     Term: 2021–2024




     Professional Development Chair

     Brittany Baker-Brousseau
     Senior Associate Director of Admissions Operations
     University of Utah
     Salt Lake City, Utah

     Term: 2022–2025




     Public High School Relations Chair | Arizona Delegate

     Adrienne Fluitt   
     Senior College Guidance Coordinator
     Basis Oro Valley|
     Oro Valley, Arizona

     Term: 2022–2025




     Tribal Institution Relations Chair

     Danielle Yepa Gunderson
     Associate Director College Counseling, Director of Native Studies
     Sandia Preparatory School
     Albuquerque, New Mexico

     Term: 2021–2024


     Volunteers Chair | Wyoming NACAC Delegate

     Erin Grey
     College Counselor
     Lyman High School
     Lyman, Wyoming

     Term: 2020–2023